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Artist Statement

I make objects that suggest containment.  My interests in design and architecture and my background in glass blowing and fabrication formed the foundation for my body of work.  The concept of the vessel has played a significant role over the years and my work has focused on creating non-functional vessels using plate glass rather than the traditional blown glass.  I have explored and incorporated numerous combinations of colors, surfaces and forms to create solid, fragmented, airy, helical, circular and flat vessels by cutting, grinding, twisting and constructing individual pieces of plate glass.      


In this way my artwork reflects the evolutionary part of my life - ever changing and always developing.


Over the years I have built up a vocabulary of materials and working processes by researching historical and contemporary glass cold-working and fabrication techniques. This, along with my interest in technological advances of various formulations of commercially available ultraviolet adhesives, dyes and pigments lead to the incorporation of pieces with an amazing spectrum of colors.   


My sculptures focus on both the exterior and the interior form of the vessel.  I describe volume on the outside while portraying an interior landscape of color and light.  By laminating a combination of rough and highly polished surfaces using dyed adhesive, I create three-dimensional paintings.  Each piece is handcrafted and meticulously sculpted to emphasize its unique intersection of form, color and light.  


At heart, I am a formalist.  I am intrigued by forms and structures in our environment and create art that adds to our enjoyment of that environment.  As a visual artist, I make three-dimensional pieces that are best experienced by walking around each piece to view how it reacts to light, movement and the environment.

- Sidney Hutter

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