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Dimensions: 12 in x 6.5 in x 4.5 in
Material/Process: Cold worked glass and machined aluminum 
Origin: Made in USA
Description: This elegant, polished glass candle holder is designed by world renowned glass artist, Sidney Hutter. With 40 years of experience in the Contemporary Glass and Fine Art world, Sidney now creates illuminated designs for the home. Create a beautiful centerpiece or add romantic mood lighting. Display unlit as an art piece or light the candle to add a reflective glow. Purchase for yourself or give as a gift to mark a special occasion, celebrate a holiday or happy union or as a memorial object. Add a spark of color with one, or create a color sensation with many. Only available while supplies last.

Unified Light Design

  • Each is hand crafted using polished glass which is laminated with Sidney's uniquely developed pigmented ultraviolet adhesive. 
    Each measures 12"x6"x6".
    The polished candle cup is removable for ease of candle replacement.
    A 3/4", dripless candle is recommended.  
    9 color options currently available.
    Clean with luke-warm soapy water or use glass cleaner with paper towels or soft cloth.

  • Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Contact Sid directly for large orders or to find out about special color options and pricing.  This site uses PayPal during check out.  If you do not care to use PayPal please contact Sid directly and we can work out another payment method.  Thank you for visiting!

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